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Are you tired of creating new content for every single marketing channel just to use it once and never again?

Webinars, social media, paid ads, blog - it's just too much fuss... 😪 We get it!

Running a webinar for a handful of attendees just so it is watched a few more times is not feasible - especially if you're a one-man band.

Fortunately, Jennifer Radke has the solution for you! 🎉

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn from the CEO of the National Institution for Social Media. 

📢 Here's what we'll cover...

  • How to plan virtual events that can be repurposed later
  • Strategies to turn webinars into engaging social media content
  • What to consider when resharing content across your social media platforms

and so much more.

2022-17-03 NISM Partner Webinar (1)
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Get to Know the Speaker 🤩

Jennifer Radke is the CEO of the National Institute for Social Media. Jennifer's first career was in higher education and she takes the value of life-long learning very seriously. She has 15+ years of experience in sales and organizational leadership. She firmly believes that a business succeeds through the growth and success of each individual employee and so she is passionate about coaching and developing team members to be the best contributed they can possibly become. 

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